Malawi June 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you are doing well! I am writing this to ask for your support and prayers concerning a mission trip to the village of Kauma in Malawi (Africa) that I will be a part of next month.

The team is from my church, People's Church in Franklin TN, and we'll be in Malawi from June 13-26. I will be working with ADZIWA (Chichewa for "He knows"), an orphans' ministry of Capital City Baptist Church. Their vision is to provide comprehensive integrated community based care for orphaned children.

Malawi is ranked the 8th poorest country in the world. Poverty is extremely widespread, and the rate of HIV infection in Malawi is one of the highest in the world. The ADZIWA ministry exists to strengthen the ability of families and communities to provide improved care for orphan children in  nutrition, health, education, and spiritual areas, and to reduce the individual and social impact of HIV infection and AIDS on children and women.

Our team's work there will focus on caring, teaching, encouraging and loving the many children in the village school that was recently built, along with the continuing efforts to help the women's ministry in the area. Last year The Peoples Church worked with local women to start their own community-based business that netted a profit for them the first year, and we'll be continuing the work that was started to encourage and grow the entrepreneurial spirit that will provide self-sustaining and independently generated income for the wonderful people of this area.

I know God has called me to go to Malawi to help with ADZIWA, and the many people there who need care. I'm extremely excited (and nervous) about it, but I know that God will use me to help others, and use others to help me.

Your prayers are extremely important in order for all of this to happen! Please pray for:

  • Safe Traveling
  • Strength and rest
  • Courage to build as many relationships as I can
  • Peace for me as I prepare to leave the country
  • The Holy Spirit's wisdom and power to impact as many people as possible

As God leads you, I also ask for your financial support. With the economy being the way it is, any little bit helps!

Donations, whether $5, $50 or more will go directly to the cost of transportation and room/board, as well as team supplies and materials.

If you feel led to help financially, you may either send a check to The Peoples Church or donate directly online at the links on the right side-bar. If you donate via PayPal, I will follow up with you to determine if you'd like your donation delivered to the Church's mission trip fund in your name (like all contributions to our church, the gift is tax deductible, and you will get a receipt from the church) or if you prefer, anonymously (I'll send you proof of anonymous donation).

Thank you so much for your time and consideration,

Kristen Peluso